I created this site for all the notions and potions that are concocted when close friends talk late into the night; a souvenir of the evenings that run into the dawn.

The site is a patchwork quilt of music, food and film reviews stitched together with unflinching social commentaries. As a West Indian Londoner I’m forever engrossed in issues of race, so please expect a generous helping of race related shenanigans placed beneath the microscope.

2013-12-01 00.20.02In the autumn of 2011, I had an image of a delicate glass box held in a pair of hands. I imagined the hands trembling with the velocity of what the box contained; encased inside were vivid, techni-coloured paintballs ricocheting against their confines.

Perhaps the image was symbolic of the perceptions that have so much force behind them they threaten to shatter the hierarchical infrastructure they’re confined by. Or maybe I’ve just got too much time on my hands. Either way you’ll witness a lot of thoughts ricocheting around this kaleidoscope.

2013-01-18 12.50.59So here’s to thinkers, the questioners, the cynics, the believers, the I-can’t-be-the-be-the-only-one-thinking-this-ers.

We are not afraid to be bold, to be brave, to shun the herd and have opinions deep enough to drown in.  Journalism is not beige, it is not always comfortable but at it’s very finest, it is unforgettable. The site is born out of that desire to say the unspeakable, to tread the thin line between controversy and breakthrough.


Having studied English Literature at De Montfort University, Ravaé graduated with 69%. Her dissertation (The conspiracy of silence in the Caribbean literature of Post-war London) won the Nicholas Zurbrugg award for achieving the highest graded thesis in the year.

Throughout her studies Ravaé maintained commitments to theblumile.com, thewombroom.com and had reviews published in Live and WUWO magazine.  Her journalism skills were honed by working in the DMU press office and as a content writer for Williams commerce. In her final year of undergraduate study, Ravaé joined a writing society, Her Uni, which went on to publish a magazine and win the Best Newcomer award at De Montfort University’s Society Awards 2013.

She was chosen to complete four weeks work experience with the BBC, working on the research team for ’Watchdog’.  Six months later she was chosen to conduct a work placement with Condé Nast.  Her time was split evenly between GQ magazine and Easy Living, giving an insight into the extremely influential publications.

Having successfully gained the Cambridge CELTA qualification she hopes to travel and teach whilst improving her writing.

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Welcome to Ravae Ricochet!



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