It was just three days ago that the legend that is Justin Timberlake set millions of hearts racing at the speed of light with two simple words: “I’m Ready”

Just like that his fans and critics alike waited with baited breath for his first musical release in almost seven years. The suspense was palpable: Twitter exploded with hundreds of thousands of curious tweets, bloggers conjured up  predictions and forecasts while a tsunami of speculation flooded the net elsewhere. The flames of excitement were fanned further by reports that the single would feature Jay-Z and maybe even Beyoncé!

This was huge! Not just considering the colossal amount of talent on one track but the fact that the music scene has changed so much since JT’s last release in 2006. The world has experienced immense change seen FutureSex/LoveSounds found its way into our hearts.

Twitter had just about been created, Instagram didn’t exist and most people only had a vague idea who Barack Obama was. Ne-Yo had just been introduced to the world with ‘So Sick’ and Leona Lewis had just begun her auditions on X Factor.  Justin was beaten to the biggest selling album of 2006 by the High School Musical Soundtrack which sold 8.5 million copies (sad but true) and David Guetta was thankfully still on the obscure side of pop.

Fast forward to today, and this video is the only tangible clue as to what 2013 has in store for JT’s fans

We can all appreciate the dedication and commitment that goes into his material, including the meticulous editing process that has seen him release just two albums in a decade (Rihanna has released seven since 2005) It is this genuine passion for quality that has seen him put his heart and soul into all his solo releases (I haven’t quite forgiven him for ‘Carry Out’ though, supporting Timbaland’s misogynistic bile and ‘AYO Technology -_-). I have my fingers crossed that Justin’s return to the studio after a long hiatus and questionable film choices will be worth every single second.

GQ's 2011 "Men of the Year" Party - Inside

The time is currently 11:57, I’m typing furiously to post this before the single drops at midnight, HOWEVER I’ve just remembered America is in a different time zone to England (Don’t judge me 🙂 so will be posting the video as soon as possible instead.

I hope you’re as excited as me!  Check in in the next few days for a review of the single!


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