Jack Skeleton ‘What’s This?’

The amazing musical number from Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Despite it being set in Halloween Town, it is still one of my favourite festive films alongside ‘Edward Scissorhands’. Whilst they are not conventionally merry I absolutely adore the way the Tim Burton intimately places gothic decadence and glorious technicolor side by side.

My teenage guilty pleasure, Fall Out boy did a pretty good cover of this Burton classic, while Panic! at the Disco tackled (and completely nailed) the legendary ‘This is Halloween’. Marylin Manson also covered the introductory song to the movie, however we won’t go into that…

Here’s my other teenage FAVORITES, Panic!

Imagine discovering the magic of Christmas all in one day? The mesmerising decorations, the food, the festivity!! This song and the whole movie is just brilliant. I think you should definitely watch it late on Christmas Eve!




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