Ricochet Jukebox: Kanye West ‘Christmas in Harlem’

With Christmas just 4 more sleeps away I’ve decided to put something festive on the Ricochet Jukebox. Kanye’s 2010 christmas present to us came in the form of this warming, nostalgic number. Before Kanye became Mr Kardashian *weeps* and started making songs like ‘Theraflu’ and ‘Mercy ‘*wails* he wrote songs that his listeners could actually relate to and apply to their own lives. Although this wasn’t a huge critical success, and was released as part of the GOOD Fridays series, the festive vibe is relayed beautifully, with the kind of genuine feeling that made College Dropout one of my all time favourite albums.

As well as capturing the spirit of returning home for the holidays, the track features samples from Marvin Gaye’s ‘Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing’ and ‘Mercy Mercy Me’. Shuggie Otis’ ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ also features in Kanye’s ode to Christmas. With a little help from Teyana Taylor and Cam’ron, Kanye delivers an authentic slice of yule tide joy that captures the spirit of the season.


If you liked ‘Christmas in Harlem’ how about trying out ‘Christmas in Hollis’. RUN-DMC’s 1987 christmas song is a classically cheesy slice of 1980’s hip-hop complete with a black Santa and a Reindeer dog. The wonderfully random video is a refreshing blast from the past in terms of reviving your christmas playlist.



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