Lets Be Brief Presents ‘The Art Of Winning’

Where: Boxpark, Shoreditch

When: Thursday 5th July 2012

Why: The Art of Winning Exhibition

A pleasant detour led me to a bright, optimistic exhibition at the boxpark, Shoreditch.

I was met with an array of vibrant, inspirational posters that perfectly captured the excitement and feel good atmosphere of London right now. As the Olympics approach in just a few short weeks, each poster personified the artist’s personal idea of ‘winning’. The artists themselves won a Let’s be Brief competition in May 2012, with the exhibition acting as a culmination of their hard work.

The traditional exhibition experience was refreshed by the open air viewing gallery and laid back atmosphere. Spectators were free to wonder around each of the twelve posters while enjoying a drink as well. As the sun set over the Shoreditch skyline, the posters shone with their originality against the glossy Black panelling.

I loved the tongue in cheek humour and individuality of each illustrative helping. From the delicious array of colours to the playful interpretation of Olympic fever, the exhibition was a refreshing break from the heavy media whirlwind that has shrouded the event thus far. The lovely people from Winkball.com were on hand to grab some interviews to commemorate the event and enhanced the feeling of celebration.

I found myself wondering into the Art Against Knives store opposite the exhibition and fell in love with their use of Art as a weapon against Knife crime. There are incredible things going on in the world of art that directly impact the community around them. The exhibition and the store both reiterated the need to celebrate Art as a boundless form of communication. Spectators from all walks of life were united in their appreciation of creativity; hopefully this will become a regular event.



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