Ricochet’s first Birthday!!!

On the 27th October 2011 I sat in my bedroom and made this site. I fumbled my way through the preliminary stages of making a wordpress site and sat in silence. Despite my attempts, it looked terrible. I was desperate for an ultra professional, modern beautiful canvas to colour with my opinions and beliefs. But as I was unwilling to spend any money or use any imagination, it was simply abysmal. For the following three months the site lay dormant, completely untouched by me or anyone else for that matter. I had given up on myself before I had even begun.

And then!

Like most people, I had the immense surge of enthusiasm, the electrifying reenergizing cathartic drug that is: New Years! On the 1st January 2012 I signed in (password reminder needed!) and wrote an emotionally charged article about being a bitch. In a good way. In writing the ‘inner bitch’ article I tried to empower myself with the attitudes of others in order to alleviate my frustrations. This was entirely futile. You can only ever be yourself. No matter who you try to be, your inner character will always seep out against your will. Our actions are governed by the content of our heart; this will directly influence everything that we are capable of. It was an important lesson to learn in terms of who I am personally and the content I will write professionally.

On the 31st January I wrote my most popular article to date, stimulating a number of debates and shocked responses. I wrote ‘Beyonces true colors’ in the midst of a heated debate on the phone, long before I even considered anything about libel or defamatory remarks. I wrote from my heart in one continuous flow and could have possibly toned down the accusatory tone, however I stand by everything I said. Beyoncé is a simply phenomenal artist but the skin lightening is really disappointing. For goodness sake, Let’s get free!

For a long time after this ricochet triumph I turned my attention to my friends website, theblumile. Although my posts were sporadic to say the least, I enjoyed seeing my name in the highlight reel and liked pushing myself to write about a mixture of topics, from music to art to theatre. It was empowering to write and know that hundreds of people would see it. I learnt a number of amazing things while writing for theblumile, working on my confidence and soaking up the atmosphere of ambition, drive and dedication. I gathered up golden nuggets of information and inspiration that gave me the inkling to go it alone. It was an incredibly helpful stepping stone in my career as a journalist. My only regret is that I didn’t pour those same attributes into my own baby. Why be someone else’s peasant when you can be your own king?

I understand completely why girl bands split, why business partners walk and why partnerships end. Sometimes the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. I think it’s very true that you can’t support other people if you’re incapable of supporting yourself first. This is in part why I’m hoping to focus solely on this site in the coming months (besides completing my final year at university). Ravaericochet is in its infancy, there is no false pretence that hundreds of thousands of people will read this, but with a lot of hard work, who knows…

I was lucky enough to meet the lovely people at WUWO magazine and decided to try my hand at writing for their comedy magazine. While this a very recent development, I’m hoping that immersing myself in the magazine will enrich what I’m trying to do right here.

So no I’m not in any way mercenary, but that’s not the spirit of this site. I said I would deliver quality journalism from my weird, antithetical point of view. I said I would commit myself to entertaining you, the reader and would do so religiously.  Whilst I haven’t done all of those things completely (once a month average) I do believe that this can only get bigger and better. I’ve a hundred dreams to weave into this fabric of posts and hope you’ll be sitting right there beside me.

So if you’ve ever viewed, commented or shared anything from this site THANK YOU! I hope the coming year will bring even more support and success from like-minded journalists, thinkers, dreamers, believers…

This is for us!

3 responses to “Ricochet’s first Birthday!!!

  1. Hi Ravae,

    I’ve certainly found your articles thought provoking and entertaining. I’ve enjoyed reading some of the contents of your heart that you’ve bravely and honestly shared. I’m glad that you’re at a stage where you’re embracing your own identity and you’re putting yourself first. I look forward to seeing your career develop as it is and will continue to blossom as you are.

    Yours truly, bollo lol xx

    • Thank you so much!! I’ve finally learnt that your personal and professional journeys are inexplicably linked and I’ve learned to appreciate that this is a good thing! One of the amazing things about being a Journalist is that the judgemental side of our nature can be used for good! Thank you for your support, it means the world to me!!
      x x x


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