Tyler James’ First Single!!

I was first introduced to Tyler James’ effortless talent during The Voice, and have been patiently waiting for his first release since the show. I placed Tyler on my 2012 Trailblazers list because I identified his distinctive, raspy sound as one we’d all fall in love with. I was almost apprehensive as I pressed play on his music video for the first time; would it be as good as I imagined?

After the first listen, I felt like Universal had gone down the expected route, in packaging Tyler as a British Timberlake. The suave suits, the smouldering sexual tension and obsessive video recordings were all very reminiscent of Cry me a River. I found the video a little uncomfortable to watch as the making out was a bit excessive without being alluring, however the twist at the end worked well.

In terms of pop music I’m sure the song will do well. Before its October 22nd release date the video has already been viewed over a million times. Whilst I could see it bringing a refreshing slice of R’n’Bish music into the charts I feel the best of his jazzy, soulful hues aren’t being displayed to their full extent, his falsetto is immaculate but there is so much more than just that. The song is a grower though, with every listen being a bit better than the last.

What do you think?


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