Enigmatic, sensational and unforgettable are all words that can easily describe the powerful modern icon that was Amy Winehouse. Tenacious and fiery, her attitude and awe inspiring vocals have provided the soundtrack for a generation and paved the way for a string of contemporary soul singers. After many turbulent years and very public meltdowns, all that remains is the phenomenal legacy of her groundbreaking music. So here we pay homage to a genuine artist that personified the very best and worst of the entertainment industry.
Amy’s first studio album ‘Frank’ debuted in October 2003, receiving a warm reception in the soul music scene and earned her a Mercury award nomination. The sultry classic ‘Stronger than me’ won her the prestigious Ivor Novello Songwriting Award for best contemporary song in 2004 and showcased her ability to effortlessly blend jazz and soul. Years later her comeback saw her career climb to the dizzying heights that most artists can only dream of. ‘Back to Black’ saw Amy and producer Mark Ronson release hit after hit that continue to sound fresh and energetic.

It would seem that her personal life unravelled at the same speed as her meteroic rise to the top, sacrificing her own health and wellbeing to relentlessly pursue her dream. The british press devoured her downfall, relishing every mumbled performance and pouncing to take pictures of her at her lowest points. Most people, myself included, are guilty of laughing at the trainwreck spectacle that become Amy, a dwindling caricature of the honored legend she could have been. From insensitive jibes and even crude fancy dress costumes, the world often saw her struggles with substance abuse and alcohol as a funny joke. But who could have known that she would lose the battle against her denoms at the age of just 27?

Thus her life becomes a harrowing tale of the cruel, cold reality that drugs has the ability to tear down and destroy even the brightest of stars. There is no discrimination regardless of talent or status.

R.I.P. Amy Jade Winehouse

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