Lavish some love on Louboutins!

One day I will purchase my very own pair of Louboutins. When The Guardian finally submits to my unfathomable writing ability, I will take my first cheque, march directly into Selfridges and behold the intoxicating masterpieces. I already know the exact patent black, peep toe 6-inch beauties that I’ll take home that very evening. I can see myself unwrapping the gloriously decadent shoes and placing them high on a shelf, preferably with the striking Red sole on display too. I will slowly create an enviously large army of Mr Louboutins designs and might even pluck up the courage to wear them!

But until my budget permits my Carrie-esqe fantasy I am happy that the Design Museum has let me drool from a distant. The incredible exhibition showcases a wealth of shoes and bespoke designs. If you’re like me and have just moved back to London after the academic year, why not get into Sex and the City mode and visit the museum before it’s finale on July 9th 2012. Just flicking through the photos online, I am astonished at the mastery and flare of every design. These are not just shoes, they are works of art wrapped around a recognisable shape. Christian’s canvas is the arch of the sole, the contours of the heel. These shoes are designed to incite admiration and excitement.

The exhibition its self showcases the many sides of the Louboutin force. From the classically sophisticated staples to the erotic icons in the Fetish section, the exhibition promises to impress both the novice and the connoisseur!

So if your looking for something to do in the next seven days indulge in one of high fashion’s most beloved labels!

Originally posted 2ND JULY 2012


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