Dear Kendrick Lamar

Dear Kendrick Lamar,

It was the night before last and I still haven’t stopped thinking about you. Maybe it was the things you said to me, the way you made me feel. Maybe it was the growl in your voice, the way you prowled around the room before you began. It was intense, it was passionate, but in all honesty, it came to an end way too quickly. The next time you visit London, we will get down again. Just like Monday night, I’ll probably lose my voice from screaming, probably get dehydrated and sweaty but I know next time it will last so much longer…


p.s. I’m writing about his concert you filth! The review’s below ☺

When: Monday 25th June 2012
Where: Electric Ballroom
Why: Kendrick Lamar

As someone that has only listened to Section 80 a handful of times, I was dubious as to how much I would enjoy the entire concert. I usually hate the feeling of exclusion that naturally occurs when everyone else knows all the words and you don’t. Saying that, I found the gig completely inclusive and captivating. It was immediately obvious that Kendrick had poured his heart and soul into to giving an energetic and genuine performance. He finished almost every song with “Give yo self a motherfucking clap” and told the audience how he saw himself as our mouthpiece. The way he explained the meaning behind the songs and the moment he was in whilst writing intensified the experience; this was an artist that wanted each person to connect with his intentions.

Beside his mind-bending flow, anthemic hooks and meaningful content, Kendrick had almost tangible charisma. He commanded the stage and made sure the audience was hooked on his every move. I loved the fact that he asked the audience to pick which song to perform next, encouraging them to chant and feel actively involved. The crowd was full of just cool, like-minded people. There was no trouble, no stush girls and everyone seemed pretty chilled. A guy with an especially impressive afro stood directly in front of me, but from what I could see through curls the show was pretty sick.

When I had really started to get into the gig and could see why so many people had lined the streets, it all came to a very abrupt end. I was so disappointed that we had spent more time listening to the DJ set then watching the actual performance. My favourites (No make up, Keisha’s song and Kush and Corinthians) weren’t performed and the show felt a little rushed. However, I do feel like this was a mouth-watering appetizer, a teasing taster of the incredible shows that are to come. I am really looking forward to seeing him perform again, in a bigger venue (preferably one with a balcony) better air con, and a deservingly longer time slot.

And if you disagree you can just “suck my…

Originally posted: 27 June 2012


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