50 Shades of Glamour!

When:  Friday 7th September 2012

Where: The Vintage Salon, The Custard Factory, Birmingham

Why:  Wombroom.com’s pin-up photoshoot!

On a gloriously sunny September morning, a group of incredibly strong and courageous women joined forces to confront attitudes concerning reproductive health.  United by a range of fertility issues, each lady brought a different story to the set, but the same beautiful spirit. Within the walls of the wonderfully retro hair salon the day began with a plethora of lashes and lattes! As the ladies were transformed into 1950’s sirens, the carefree atmosphere concealed the difficulties that had led them to the shoot…

For almost a year now, thewombroom.com has been a sanctuary for young women who have survived devastating fertility and genealogical problems. Offering candid true stories and refreshing medical information, the website’s founder has taken an excruciating personal experience and turned it into something truly inspirational. The 1950’s shoot was a fitting celebration of unwavering femininity in the face of adversity.

Let’s face it; the 1950’s were a pretty awesome era that still inspires fashion, photography and film today. The traditional pin-ups were sexy sassy but always classy! People knew how to celebrate femininity; with the pin-ups pioneering teeny defined waists and gorgeously full thighs. Flicking through the annuals at The Vintage Salon, I couldn’t help but smile at the playful, innocent attitude to sexuality and womanhood. The photography at the time was sexy and gorgeous without being lewd or abrasive. This explains why it offered the perfect accompaniment to the wombroom ethos.  Reproductive health issues can often rob the sufferer of their femininity. Being infertile can make you feel less of a woman, in a kind of gender limbo as so much of womanhood is defined by the ability to reproduce and nurture. The wombroom strongly disagrees with this, and proved that whatever you’ve been through, you can still look and feel fabulous!

Every lady was treated to authentic fifties up do’s and classically striking make up. We then slipped into some of the most luxurious lingerie I’ve ever worn. Every piece was provided by Fifi Chachnil, the delicious French designer whose decadent boutiques can be found exclusively in Paris and London. Fifi has had her items featured in premium editorials such as Vogue UK and Rihanna modelled her Les grands classiques collection for a sizzling GQ photoshoot. In short, we were treated like princesses in the finest garments available.

All of the women displayed a refreshing sisterly attitude and supported each other throughout the day. Everyone had their own issues and hang ups, insecurities and fears but together we proved that despite your path you can all arrive at the same destination; fearlessly beautiful and defiant. Our physical and emotional scars are bared because vulnerability is an asset in itself. The underwear photo shoot wasn’t just an excuse to show some skin but a way of celebrating survival.  With nothing to hide behind, we are simply gorgeous.

So finally, we need to collectively tell our friends, our sisters, our aunts, our colleagues and even our boyfriends about reproductive health. Smash the taboo, eradicate the embarrassment and be completely open about what the female body has to endure.  It was an absolute honour to be part of the Wombroom ‘s first ever photo shoot, and to join the beautiful young women campaigning for change and enlightenment. So please take a browse through the wombroom website and equip yourself with the tools to navigate womanhood.

There’s a lot they didn’t tell you in sex education…




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