New Years Resolution Saga

On the dawn of the year 2012, I decided to analyze the different areas of my life that could do with a spring-clean, the parts that had long been overlooked and desperately needed attention.

It’s undeniable that the start of a new year fills us all with a sense of adventure, excitement and the conviction to change. It’s a chance to use all of the lessons of the last year to improve the next, hoping that by making resolutions and promises we can re-write our story, facing the next chapter with confidence and pride. As the clock struck 12, I decided that this year I would make some major changes within myself and hopefully a few improvements too. 2011 had been a challenging and transitional year, igniting the metamorphosis of who I am and what I believe. The next few articles will look at some of the areas that you may relate to too. Life is a constant game of Snakes and Ladders, with disappointments and achievements viciously wrestling for dominance. This year, I aim to defiantly even out those odds…


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