Hello world!

The millions of thoughts that race through my mind needed a happy home, and thus Ravae Ricochet was born…

I aim to religiously present a sophisticated cocktail of refreshing news reports, stories, debates and reviews, all served with a generous helping of creativity.

I hope more than anything that this website will breathe a breath of fresh air into the blog scene, offering an alternative viewpoint and quality writing wherever possible.

The ultimate dream is to reach millions of people through the medium of journalism and one day, the Holy Grail that is Novels! This is my first tentative foray into what will hopefully become my full time career and it’s all very exciting.

I aim to explore this warped and wonderful world with an analytical and energetic eye, using this website as my platform.

If you’ve read all of this you’ve already made me smile, so please check out my website, read the content and let me know what you think.

This is only the beginning…

Love, RJR

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